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2018 Feb TEI Tax School Resources
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TS1801_Feb 26_Federal Tax Update

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Feb26_TS1801_US Tax Reform Reshaping the code_P1 PDF (1.63 MB) Administration 2/23/2018
Feb26_TS1801_Revenue Recognition_P2 PDF (718.66 KB) Administration 2/25/2018
Feb26_TS1801_Accounting Methods_P3 PDF (1.81 MB) Administration 2/25/2018
Feb26_TS1801_Understanding the new BEAT tax_P4 PDF (451.08 KB) Administration 2/20/2018
Feb26_TS1801_How to tackle Tax Reform_P5 PDF (927.65 KB) Administration 2/25/2018
Feb26_TS1801_Tax Reform Knowns & Unknowns_P6 PDF (984.93 KB) Administration 2/26/2018

TS1802_Feb 27_Upstream & Downstream Tax Planning

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Feb27_TS1802__Tax Reform Considerations_P1 PDF (836.43 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Feb 27_TS1802_Int'l Implications of TCJA_P2 PDF (1.47 MB) Administration 2/27/2018
Feb27_TS1802_Audit Issues Upstream Downstream_P3 PDF (575.45 KB) Administration 2/19/2018
Feb27_TS1802_Upstream Like-Kind Exchanges_P4 PDF (551.52 KB) Administration 2/22/2018
Feb27_TS1802_Partnership Update_P5 PDF (495.16 KB) Administration 2/24/2018
Feb27_TS1802_to come_P6 PDF (99.55 KB) Administration 2/17/2018

TS1803_Feb 27_Global Audit and IRS Tax Controversy

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Feb27_TS1803_IRS Appeals_P1 PDF (714.02 KB) Administration 2/17/2018
Feb27_TS1803_to come_P2 PDF (99.55 KB) Administration 2/17/2018
Feb27_TS1803_BBA Partnership Audit Procedures_P3 PDF (699.38 KB) Administration 2/17/2018
Feb27_TS1803_Int'l Examinations Post BEPs_P4 PDF (1.25 MB) Administration 2/20/2018
Feb27_TS1803_IRS Update_P5 PPTX (376.94 KB) Administration 2/20/2018
Feb27_TS1803_IRS Exam Process_P6 PDF (891.73 KB) Administration 2/21/2018
Feb27_TS1803_Witness Prep_P7 PDF (823.09 KB) Administration 2/17/2018

TS1804_Feb 28_Back to Basics: Oil & Gas

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Feb28_TS1804_Introduction to Oil and Gas_P1 PDF (427.74 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Feb28_TS1804_Fund. of O&G Partnerships_P2 PDF (1.6 MB) Administration 2/28/2018
Feb28_TS1804_Basics of Int'l Tax Planning_P3 PDF (615.69 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Feb28_TS1804_Audit and Controversy in Oil & Gas_P4 PDF (490.03 KB) Administration 2/22/2018
Feb28_TS1804_IDC G&G Depletion & Basis recovery_P5 PDF (1.62 MB) Administration 2/19/2018
Feb28_TS1804_Taxation in Oil and Gas Mexico_P6 PDF (1.66 MB) Administration 2/24/2018

TS1805_Feb 28_Federal Comp Consolidated Returns

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Feb28_TS1805_Internal Restructuring_P1 PDF (1.21 MB) Administration 2/27/2018
Feb28_TS1805_Tax Sharing Agreements_P2 PDF (266.73 KB) Administration 2/20/2018
Feb28_TS1805_Legislative Update_P3 PDF (290.02 KB) Administration 2/22/2018
Feb28_TS1805_385 Debt Reclassification_P4 PDF (577.13 KB) Administration 2/20/2018
Feb28_TS1805_Troubled Corporations_P5 PDF (555.71 KB) Administration 2/20/2018

TS1806_Mar 1_Tax Credits and Incentives

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Mar1_TS1806_Credits and Incentives Tax Reform_P1 PDF (2.12 MB) Administration 2/27/2018
Mar1_TS1806_State and Federal research credit_P2 PDF (147.09 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Mar1_TS1806_Traditional Incentives and NMTC_P3 PDF (2.2 MB) Administration 2/28/2018
Mar1_TS1806_Litigation in Incentives Arena_P4 PDF (178.68 KB) Administration 2/17/2018
ar1_TS1806_LA Industrial Tax Exemption_P5 PDF (735.75 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Mar1_TS1806_Alternative Fuel Credit_P6 PDF (1.96 MB) Administration 2/17/2018

TS1807_Mar 1_Transfer Pricing: Back to Basics

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Mar1_TS1807_Why Transfer Pricing_P1 PDF (91.48 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Mar1_TS1807_TP and external auditor_P2 PDF (916.38 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Mar1_TS1807_Countries Adapt Transfer Pricing_P3 PDF (661.96 KB) Administration 2/22/2018
Mar1_TS1807_EU Tax Developments_P4 PDF (652.76 KB) Administration 2/27/2018
Mar1_TS1807_Substance is King_P5 PDF (5.19 MB) Administration 2/27/2018
Mar1_TS1807_US tax reform impact on TP Planning_P6 PDF (351.29 KB) Administration 2/22/2018
Mar1_TS1807_State Tax TP Updates and Trends_P7 PDF (694.25 KB) Administration 2/27/2018

TS1808_Mar 2_Ethics for CPAs

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Ethics for CPAs- Its a matter of choice PDF (92.83 KB) Administration 2/17/2018
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International Roundtable

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