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Below is an excerpt from the TEI National website ( which discusses the membership guidelines. You can go to their website which also discusses the various benefits of membership and also allows online membership.

If you are eligible for membership you are required to join TEI National in order to become a member of the TEI Houston Chapter. The Houston Chapter is notified of new members who then can be included in the Houston Chapter.

The Houston Chapter has various round table meetings as well as a monthly luncheon meeting. Each year we a Tax school with various tax topics and speakers as well as several opportunities for networking during our Christmas party and other events. These are all excellent opportunities for education and networking with other tax professionals.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Stephany Jackson
TEI Houston Chapter Membership Committee Chairperson


Member Qualifications


logoMEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES (Approved by the Institute Board of Directors)



Qualifying Employees

Membership in TEI is individual-based; we do not offer company memberships. Membership is open to corporate employees whose work consists principally of administering taxes on an executive or management level and who meet certain minimum experience requirements. Individuals engaged in public tax practice are not eligible.

Minimum Corporate Tax Experience

Applicants must have a minimum of five years' corporate tax experience or its equivalent and hold a position in tax management operations of a profit-oriented business. The five years of corporate tax experience means a minimum of five years' full-time employment or its equivalent in a department charged with the responsibility of administering the taxation of a publicly or privately owned profit-oriented corporation or enterprise that (except for Crown Corporations) is required to file annual income tax returns according to the laws of the country in which the enterprise resides.

Equivalent Experience

Employment in the following areas may be substituted for an equivalent part of the required minimum five years:

  • Employment in a company based on the percentage of time devoted to tax affairs (including customs activities) during the period of employment.
  • Employment in a private law firm as tax counsel whose duties involved advising clients on business tax matters.
  • Employment in the tax department of a public accounting firm whose duties involved advising clients on business tax matters.
  • Employment with the revenue department of a national, state, provincial, or local government where principal duties involved the administration of taxes imposed on business entities.
  • Employment in a college of university, teaching business tax in a professional or instructor capacity.

General accounting, auditing, or legal practice (outside the tax field), general government administration, legal or accounting clerkship, or student/work programs generally will not be counted in arriving at the prescribed requisite of five years' tax experience.

On an exception-basis only, managerial experience may be counted in combination with tax experience and the equivalent experience requirement may thus be deemed to be satisfied. Any applicant wishing to apply under the managerial exception should submit a detailed explanation along with the application form. Under these circumstances and to keep the information together, we recommend mailing or faxing the application, payment, and explanation along with the application. Questions should be directed to TEI’s Membership Coordinator.

Members in Transition

Temporarily unemployed members, whose dues remain up to date, may continue their membership for the current year plus two additional years while they seek a full-time in-house position. For more information contact Coleman Kane, director of membership,

Stephany Jackson
Tax Director
NCS Multistage
19450 State Hwy 249, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 453-2245 (W)
(281) 768-0596 (C)
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